From the editor

Welcome to our May edition where our team is freshly inspired by the glorious spectacle that was the World Masters Games.

This was an almost unimaginable undertaking, with 28,000 athletes from around the globe competing in 45 disciplines from rowing and rugby to shooting and sprinting.

With the oldest competitor an impressive 101 years old (and she won gold!), it’s fair to say that the World Masters Games was a true reflection of the benefits of being involved in a sport.

Held across 48 venues, athletes included former Olympians and world champions, as well as those with a gold medal winning attitude and enthusiasm. Regardless of who won medals; they played, they laughed, they sometimes ached and hurt, and they made lifelong friends.

So in this issue we spotlight three activities in particular, where any age and fitness level can get involved.

Firstly dancing (and forget the horror you feel at having to awkwardly dance in public). These classes are designed around having fun and improving fitness and flexibility – and an increasing number of people are getting involved.

If you love adventure and travel, then consider using pedal power to explore the world. Meet a mother and daughter team who did just this, and a family who arrange cycle tours off the beaten track.

And finally if you’re looking for a sport you can play all year round regardless of the weather, check out our feature on squash. It’s an awesomely social sport with mega health and fitness benefits. Even I’m inspired – see you on the court!

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