The Airbnb Story
By Leigh Gallagher
Penguin Random House

With an increasing number of people looking for alternative/quirky travel arrangements, Airbnb has become a global phenomenon and changed the face of accommodation. Find out the story behind the success – a $30 billion success. The idea stemmed from two broke art students and friends. Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky dreamt up a plan to pay their looming rent by creating a platform to link travellers with accommodation options, on the back of a major San Francisco event. Thanks to their concept, homeowners around the world have hosted guests in everything from spare rooms to tree houses, cabins and even a houseboat. It’s an interesting read and will have you eyeing up spare space in your home with an eye to becoming a host.

My Not So Perfect Life

By Sophie Kinsella
Penguin Random House

Katie Brenner wants the perfect life and appears to be living it – or is she? Desperate to live up to the lifestyle of those she envies in London, especially her boss Demeter, she reaches for the sky, only to crash and lose her job in the process. With no option but to move home to Somerset and help her dad with his glamping business, she swaps her wannabe-Pradas for gumboots and a life of misery. But life out of the fast lane is full of unexpected twists – and people – and maybe even opportunities? When she and Demeter cross paths again Katie’s new perspective has her seeing things in a new light. Packed with hilarity and witty insights, this is a fun read with plenty of chuckles along the way.

The Burial Hour

By Jeffery Deaver

In true form, Jeffrey Deaver delivers another cracking Lincoln Rhyme suspense adventure. Tracking a killer called the Composer, the chase requires a battle of sharp wits and forensic expertise. Enter Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs. The pace is speedy and the sense of intrigue heightens as the puzzle unfolds. Plenty of clues lead your mind astray and it’s a slow gradual reveal of a mystery. Enjoyable and don’t be surprised if this one turns up as a movie someday soon.

Daylight Second

By Kelly Ana Morey
Harper Collins

Phar Lap has long captured the imagination of the nation and now Kelly Ana Morey brings the champion racehorse back to life. She revisits his astounding success and the people whose lives he affected. The book follows Phar Lap’s journey and intertwines with the tragedies and glorious successes of the times. It’s a roller coaster read; a reminder of the reach of the mighty horse, a fascinating peek into the life of his strapper Tommy Woodcock and all in all a thrill of a ride.

The Woman in the Wood

By Lesley Pearse
Penguin Random House

I don’t need a lot of convincing to open a Lesley Pearse book and once again the author didn’t disappoint. When 15-year-old twins Maisy and Duncan lose their mother to an insane asylum, it is just the beginning of their trouble. The pair are left by their father with a grandmother, who is cold and unable to show any affection. Then Duncan disappears and no-one seems to care except Maisy. Who is the woman who lives in the woods and about whom rumours swirl? Settle down with plenty of time for this page turner as you won’t want to put it down.