When it comes to working out and staying healthy, Sandro Mota is constantly looking for fresh ways to get his natural adrenalin buzz. Whether attempting world records or flexing on stage at Mr Universe, he loves pushing boundaries and thrives on setting and reaching fresh goals.

The Cambridge local has a raft of achievements behind him; he is a physique athlete, fitness guru and weight loss specialist, with more than 15 years experience training people all over the globe – including professional sport players and celebrities.

However just as important as his own personal achievements is his dedication to helping people of all ages and fitness levels improve their health and wellbeing, through his STM Functional Fit Gym.

Fresh home from placing in the top five at Mr Universe (pro division), Sandro’s latest venture is a community programme, aimed at helping people take a preventative approach to health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc. The programme also aims to help those already suffering from these conditions to hopefully enjoy a healthier lifestyle and its benefits.

“We’ve already trialled this medical prevention programme in Waikato with a couple of our STM Fit members, and seen great results around reversing diabetes, lowering bad cholesterol and reversing hypertension,” he says.

“So we’ve put together a charity event for September 27, teaming up with Good Union, Kids Can, Cambridge Community Health and STM Fit, aimed at promoting our medically supervised 12-week training programme which includes everything from HIT training and nutrition and dietary advice.”

Sandro’s Brazilian background has seen him involved in everything from personal training to modelling, before settling with his wife in Cambridge, where his passion for fitness and strength training saw him develop his own programme and business – Superior Training Method (STM).

“Combining exercise and nutrition is the ultimate for achieving great results and better health,” says Sandro. “We support and acknowledge the nutrition side of people’s fitness goals.”

INSPO Fitness Journal finds out more…

Age: 38

Sporting background? I have been involved with sport from a very young age. I started my gym/fitness journey aged 13, and started training my school mates when I was 15 in Brazil. Then, aged 18, I became a water sports instructor. Since then my passion for fitness and nutrition has only grown.

– Mr. Universe WFF Pro Division 2017 TOP 5 Athlete
– Founder and master trainer of STM Functional Fit franchise
– Global trainer for Proteamfit
– Certified Fitness level 3
– Certified Fitness level 4
– Certified Crossfit level 1
– Certified Crossfit Football
– Certified Crossfit Endurance
– Certified TRX trainer
– Certified Strength and Conditioning coach level 1
– Certified Ginastica Natural level 1

Some thoughts around your Mr Universe experience? I’m proud to have competed in the biggest body building event in the word. Representing New Zealand, in Brazil, the country I was born in, was extra special. Finishing in the top five against athletes from all over the world was also amazing.

Biggest challenge of the event? The biggest challenge was the loss of one of my favourite people on earth; my grandmother, who passed five weeks before the competition. That was a huge shock to me and made it harder to continue with my preparation without losing focus or motivation, but I wanted to make her proud, and I guess that’s what pushed me through.

Other major events you’ve competed in? I got my Professional card with WFF/NABBA only one year after my first competition. I have done six competitions in one year and finished in the top three at all of them.

What’s next? My focus now more than ever is to help others. Giving is the best feeling, it’s what fulfills me, so I have created a unique wellness and fitness boutique franchise called STM Functional Fit. We opened last year and the first franchisee has already opened one month ago, with three more to open before the end of this year. Also I am starting the STM Charity company, where we will invest in education and sports for young kids in Brazil. Our aim is to help reduce the crime, etc, by giving a second chance to kids who haven’t had the same opportunities in life that I was fortunate to have.

An overview of your nutritional lifestyle? I am a strong follower and believer of the LCHF (Low Carb Hugh Fat diet). After years of study and trialling many different eating “styles”, for the last two years I have been fully immersed with this LCHF protocol, not only for myself but also for my clients. In conjuction with Dr.Prabani Wood (medical doctor graduated from Oxford University) we are launching a medical prevention program where we will blend the LCHF with exercise to prevent and even reverse diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and reverse high blood pressure.

How you relax? My number one relaxation program is to do something with my amazing beautiful wife and our dog.