Wedding hair is a key aspect of every bride’s wedding day.

With an increasing number of brides building their wedding day around expressing their own personality, tradition has been replaced by individuality.

Brides no longer need to conform to any rules and can embrace all aspects of their personality and beauty.

INSPO Fitness Journal caught up with award winning hair stylist Ann Marie Young, from Jingles Hair Design, to chat about trends and bridal hair tips.

Top trends:
– natural wavy or soft perms.
– the Lob is still on trend and long flowing tussled hair
– for summer colour, hues of baby pink and soft ocean blues are popular, or micro foils for a sun kissed look.

Treatment tips
– for beautiful summer hair we recommend the Keratin blow out treatment. This lasts six weeks. Back this up with salon products to care for your hair at home (such as System Professional).

Wedding tips
– plan ahead
– have regular trims and treatments to make sure your hair looks its best on your big day
– a fresh natural colour looks best in photos
– use good quality salon products
– have a wedding trial a few weeks prior to make sure it’s exactly what you want

“Never underestimate the help a professional can give to help achieve healthy hair; there is so much we can do to help through the use of quality products, good nutrition advice and expert input from a hair care professional.”