Enjoy a safe, natural and gorgeous summer wedding tan, whether you’re a bride or a guest.

A sun-kissed tan, whatever depth of shade, is a beautiful addition to your summer wedding day look. It can make your dress pop and adds a radiant, healthy glow to your skin.

We can all agree that baking in the sun is the last thing we should be doing (hello, damaging UV rays) however, there are plenty of other alternatives to get your glow on. Follow the top tips below for a gorgeous, realistic looking tan using natural, eco-friendly products from Eco Tan and Eco by Sonya Driver.

Do: Maximise moisture
Healthy skin is the basis for a smooth tanning application, so in the months leading up to your wedding day invest in a rich, quality moisturiser and apply liberally each morning and night. A Coconut Body Milk can provide deep hydration, smoothing the skin and improving its texture. Your skin will be soft, supple and ready to absorb your tanning solution evenly.

Do: Exfoliate
Skin preparation is key to a perfect finish. Slough off dead skin cells to reveal fresh radiant skin at least 24-48 hours before applying the tanning solution. Plastic microbeads in some exfoliation products have an incredibly negative effect on our environment, so we strongly encourage using an exfoliator with all natural ingredients such as the Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub from Eco by Sonya Driver.
For an extra luxurious and deep exfoliation, apply in circular motions to dry skin, and then rinse off in the shower. Focus on any areas that bend – wrists, elbows, knees and ankles.

Don’t: Use a body tan on the face
The pH balance on your face is slightly higher than the rest of your body, so tanning products can often make the face look darker than the body. Use a gradual tanning product designed specifically for the face to ensure your glow is natural and even. We love Eco Tan Face Tan Water, a gradual tanning toner that uses clever ingredients from Mother Nature to brighten & even complexion and promote youthful looking skin. Another great tip is to continue using on your honeymoon,

Don’t: Forget to trial
In the months leading up to your wedding, trial your tan twice to check that you can achieve your desired colour. Focus on a perfect application in the areas that your dress exposes.

Do: Apply sunscreen
In the hype and excitement of your big day, it’s easy to forget to apply sunscreen. Opt for a natural version like Eco By Sonya Driver’s Natural Sunscreen, and ask a friend to carry it in her bag for top ups. It’s designed for sensitive skin so can be safely used by your entire bridal party and guests, so you know everyone will be covered.

Don’t: Neglect your tan afterwards.
Extend the life of your tan through your honeymoon by applying a gradual tanning moisturiser each day. Again, Eco Tan provides an all-natural, vegan and ecofriendly solution with their Winter Skin gradual tanning moisturiser. Continue to use the Eco Tan Face Tan Water on your face daily throughout your romantic getaway for healthy glowing skin – no make-up required!