Teenagers can be highly motivated to join a gym and get training – but that’s often where it ends.

When it comes to working out wisely and choosing exercises best for their specific needs, they can tend to overlook the basics.

Many teenagers grab the best value gym deal on offer and plunge into classes and workouts with enormous enthusiasm, but little (or zero) knowledge of what they’re hoping to achieve, correct technique or how to train with injury prevention in mind.

This is where expert advice is essential.

INSPO Fitness Journal is following two Hamilton teenagers who have teamed up with personal trainer Erin Furness and Fastlane Fitness, for a series on teenage training.

Kate Potter (15) and Nicole Taylor (15) have played a variety of team sports over the years, and decided to join a gym for their summer fitness.

The pair has previously played netball, basketball and inline hockey, and Kate has rowed and is currently competing in equestrian events. Both have also had some back and health issues, so knowing how to manage this is an important part of their gym experience.

After a tour of several Hamilton facilities, Kate and Nicole chose Fastlane Fitness as their preferred option; for the diversity of the classes, the friendly vibe, the pool (and the on-site cafe may also have been a factor!).

After pairing up with Erin for an initial assessment, which included goal setting, a check sheet as to any previous injuries or problem areas, and an overview on their reasons for joining a gym, they got their first taste of gym-life with a personalised weights programme.

Both admit to being relieved after their first session:
“It was really great,” they enthused, “and even though we didn’t know how to do a lot of the stuff and had to learn, no-one was staring at us and everyone seemed really encouraging.”

The girls meet with Erin once a week before school, and then get together a couple of times a week to repeat their workout, adding in some cardio and swimming when time permits.

With two weeks of training now under their belt, they’re unanimous that boxing is their favourite so far, that early mornings ‘suck’, but they’re keen to start adding in some Fastlane Fitness classes to their workouts.

In our next issue of INSPO Fitness Journal, we’ll have an update on their progress, some do’s and dont’s of training from Erin Furness and hopefully some training options to encourage others to give gym training a go.