Breaking barriers

Hamilton’s Sue Pairaudeau who is breaking barriers; launching an online social space where diversity and different abilities are ‘the norm’.

The MyKind website launched November 30 (to coincide with Disability Pride Week ) and is about uniting and celebrating people with disabilities.

Having worked in the disability sector, and living with differently abled family members, Sue’s vision is for a society that values the person first, regardless of disability.

MyKind is a Kiwi website for people looking to meet like-minded others.

“It’s not just a dating website; it provides the spectrum of tools for the journey from chatting, blogging and friendships, to flirting, skyping and dating,” she says. “Not everyone is comfortable on a website where there is an expectation to date, so making friends is just as important to connect with like minds.”

MyKind member fees go back into New Zealand’s disability sector through a grant/donation/sponsorship programme, to support individuals, families of people with disabilities, and not-for-profits in the disability sector.
“The aim is to foster an inclusive community of single adults aged 18-plus, with or without disabilities or health impairments,” says Sue.

“It is kinder than mainstream social websites and a first in New Zealand – a hybrid site that is neither chat or dating, mainstream or ‘disabled’.”

The site also offers a match-making service where a human, not a computer, matches members’ profiles for friendships or potential dates.

For more information, visit

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