When it comes to walking, running or training, there’s good reason for taking care of your feet.

With the technological advanced made in sports shoe design, there are a host of reasons to make sure you have the right shoe for the right job – and even more importantly; the right shoe
to fit your foot.

10 reasons for getting your sports shoes professionally fitted:
No matter what your age, fitness level or your activity, it is extremely important to get your shoes professionally fitted. At Shoe Clinic we see so many instances where customers have purchased the most expensive shoes they can buy BUT they still get injured. This is largely due to them not being fitted correctly, and purchasing a shoe that has the wrong features and benefits for the individual’s feet and gait.

Here are some helpful tips of what to look for when purchasing your next pair of sports shoes:
1. Feet change shape as we get older, often becoming longer and wider.
2. Feet also lose some of the fatty padding on the soles as we get older, meaning that we may need a shoe (and sock) which provides more cushioning.
3. Feet often change size with an increase or decrease in body weight.
4. Feet may change size due to weather conditions – becoming larger in hot weather making a new shoe feel too tight. Your old shoes will have stretched somewhat also.
5. Likewise feet change size during the course of the day, so try and have your shoes fitted in the afternoon if possible.
6. Feet can progressively change due to some medical conditions such as arthritis and diabetes, so it is important to have your shoes professionally fitted each time you require new ones.
7. Foot function and gait can change following an injury, resulting in the need for a shoe with different technical features, such as support and cushioning.
8. We often change the type and amount of our activity our feet are doing, so professional advice is recommended to advise you on the correct model, features and size for your needs, based on your current activity.
9. Simply replacing a current shoe model with the updated model can prove to be tricky, as shoe brands occasionally make technical changes to a model which can mean that shoe is no longer the correct one for you. Expert advice can help you find an appropriate model, which not only feels comfortable but will reduce your chances of injury.
10. Last but not least – children’s feet should always be professionally measured and fitted, as young growing feet can easily be injured if ill-fitting shoes are being worn.
Content courtesy of Shoe Clinic in con junction with Resonance Podiatry.

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