10 tips for respecting our skin – and the environment:

1. Choose a mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide – of all sunscreen ingredients zinc offers the best UVA and UVB broad spectrum coverage in a single ingredient.

2. Choose “reef-safe” sunscreens that do not contain oxybenzone and octicinate, chemicals known to impact coral reefs and marine life.  Hawaii and Pacific Island, Palau, as well as Mexico’s marine reserves have banned sunscreens containing these ingredients.

3. Choose a lotion/balm over a spray as they can present inhalation risks.

4. Choose a sunscreen that does not contain water – it will protect better during water activities and not slide off skin, spread on too thinly, or run into eyes.

5. Make sure your sunscreen contains antioxidants to support a healthy skin and minimise sun damage.

6. Allow a small amount of sun to kiss your skin in early morning and late afternoon, then cover up.

7. Wear a sunscreen in high sun hours, and re-apply every 2 hours – don’t forget to apply to the tricky spots that might not be covered, like back of the neck, ears and tops of feet.

8. Lips need protection too – they burn more easily than the rest of your skin.

9. Drink water- your skin protects itself better when it is hydrated.

10. Find shade. Sometimes, the best way to stay cool and protected is to get out of the heat of the day.

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