Brydie Donaldson loves nothing better than being surrounded by a palette of colour and helping women (and men) of all ages enhance their natural beauty. 

The 32-year-old makeup artist thrives on the delight of creating fresh individual looks for every client and those who follow her on social media will know her love of ‘makeup play’ and encouraging women to have a go. 

This month Brydie joins the INSPO team as our in-house beauty tester, giving her unbiased opinion of products and creating beauty looks with them. 

But first a little more about the queen of glow (so named for the fresh, dewy makeup looks she creates):

Q. How and why you got interested in makeup?
A.I studied beauty therapy, realised that I am not a fan of feet or waxing bikini lines, so pursued makeup. When the opportunity to be a counter manager for Revlon was presented to me, I jumped at the chance and have never looked back. Fifteen years later I’m still as passionate as ever and never stop learning and growing in this industry. 

Q. When and why you decided to make it a career option?
A.I knew from around the age of 17 that it was deep in my soul to be a makeup artist, but I also really wanted to be a mother, never thinking I could do both until I became a wife and then at 28 a mother. With a new baby, I stopped working in retail makeup work and started freelancing. The freelance jobs kept coming so I built my own business and I am so grateful that I can do all of the things I love.

Q. What was the biggest challenge when starting out?
A.In the early days as a teenager, it was learning to not take it personally and have hurt feelings if a client asked me to change the makeup. I had to learn fast that it isn’t about what I want them to look like; the client needs to love they way they look and feel completely comfortable and beautiful, or it’s a waste of everyone’s time. 

Q. What other interests do you have?
A. Snowboarding has a big chunk of my heart and family time.

Q. What do you enjoy most about being a makeup artist?
A. The connections I make with the people who hire me. I have made some incredible friends through this job and had some extremely deep and meaningful conversations that I cherish.

Q. What’s the greatest challenge?
A. Sometimes it is the long hours. On a wedding day a makeup artist or hairstylist (I do both) can be on their feet for eight or nine hours straight, with no breaks. We get home to our families but also have to unpack, clean and sanitise everything and reply to all inquiries. There are so many hours that go into this work that no-one sees. That is how you know we are so passionate about our business.

Q. Your current fave three makeup goodies?
A.The Inika Primer is so divine and smells incredible (plus it’s organic and vegan). The Hourglass Ambiant lighting trio – cannot do a makeup look without that incredible powder giving the skin a ‘lit from within’ look. And MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul. It really is the perfect blush.

Q. Your top skin tips?
A. Hydration from within with water. Always cleanse off your makeup each night. Never skip moisturiser and eye cream (morning and night).

Q. What important lessons you’d love to share with people regarding makeup?
A. Don’t limit yourself. Try things that spark your interest (even makeup artists fail sometimes and struggle when learning something new). Replace your mascara after a maximum of three to four months to avoid eye issues. Get your foundation matched in winter and summer every year as your skin changes tone and colour frequently. 

Q. Your fave makeup trend?
A. I am obsessed with dewy glowing skin, long lashes, fluffy brows and minimal on the eyes and lips. 

Q. Your own personal makeup style?
A. Dewy skin, full coverage foundation, neutral lips, clean fresh brows, pinky neutral blush and lots of lashes. Easy to  maintain and fast is best.

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