Fresh Start, Feel Good!

The fresh start of a new year is usually paved with good intentions. For many this involves a focus around health, fitness and wellbeing. Healthy eating is a key part of success in all these areas, and Nadia Lim’s Fresh Start, Feel Good! is the perfect tool to accompany your new intentions.

There is enough information out there now that most of us know that eating fresh wholesome ingredients is a win in terms of creating a healthier lifestyle. What’s not so simple however is keeping mealtimes interesting and delicious, and knowing what ratios and servings are best
for your requirements. 

With eight best-selling cookbooks, celebrity chef, qualified dietitian and My Food Bag co-founder Nadia Lim has knocked it out of the park with Fresh Start, Feel Good!.

Packed with delicious recipes (as expected), her new offering is more than a cookbook. It simplifies your daily or weekly meal planning  with every recipe under 450 calories. So you can simply choose from a breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe option and know that you’re fuelling your body with all the right stuff. 

The focus is on packing in vegetables and other nourishing ingredients, while cutting down on carbs and refined sugar, without sacrificing  flavour. Nadia also shares her no-fuss, fad-free approach to kickstarting health goals and losing weight.

However she’s quick to assure that this isn’t a ‘diet book’.

“I don’t believe in inflexible diet rules, fads or cutting out any specific foods, because it’s simply not a sustainable – or enjoyable – approach to eating,” she says.

“You can expect realistic, down-to-earth recommendations and advice here, alongside delicious, simple recipes that use normal, everyday ingredients.”

With all recipes conveniently coming in under 450 calories or less, it’s a simple process to just choose any three meals (and snacks), equalling an approximate 1200-1600 calorie-per-day eating plan, which Nadia, a trained dietitian, says is about right for most people wanting to lose weight.

From smoothies and salads, to soups and quick dinners, there’s even a lighter, healthier twist on comfort foods like pizza and burgers, as well as sweet treats without the guilt, such as Frozen Berry Ripple Cake and Chocolate Coconut Rough Cookies (yum). 

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