As a freelancer, I’ve covered a lot of genres during the last decade; from rugby to pig hunting, fishing to tractors. Topics all well within my comfort zone.

I’ve never shied away from embracing new experiences, but a Day Spa treatment was a definite step into the unknown.

As far as misguided stereotypes are concerned, I wouldn’t have considered myself the ideal Day Spa client. A quick shower and can of Lynx are generally all I use to prepare for a big night out.

Welcomed to Pamper Me MediSpa in Thames by owner Pauline de Thierry, I was immediately put at ease by her bubbly personality and sense of humour.  A former prison officer and freezing worker, Pauline’s business acumen has seen Pamper Me MediSpa collect annual industry awards in  New Zealand and Australia.

With 12 years industry experience, Pauline specialises in DMK Skin Revision.

The Shed is a recently renovated space dedicated to treating the Kiwi bloke. It’s private, spacious and fitted out to make any man feel right at home.

My programme included a MANskin and MANicure experience; 60 minutes which not only invigorated and educated me, but also changed the way I think about caring for my skin.

First my skin was examined in detail, in a multi mirrored imaging device called OBSERV. Then came the “the pen of a thousand needles”, also known as microneedling. The thankfully painless process stimulates collagen production.

Up next was the Enzyme Facial. As product was applied and the mask hardened, the muscles of my face pulsated for 20 minutes as the enzymes went to work stimulating circulation and pumping minerals to my skin.

And while this was happening; a manicure on my neglected hands. No topics are taboo with therapists, so any questions  about blackheads, whiteheads, lumps, sun damage, wrinkles, saggy skin or manscaping are answered professionally, with humour and in layman’s terms.

Surprisingly relaxed and comfortable throughout, the most valuable appreciation I gained was that skin, just like muscles,  requires regular attention to ensure its structure and function can support long term.

Years of working under the hot sun, lying on the beach or reeling in the big ones out in the boat, takes a toll on the skin.  Just like your truck needs regular service and attention, so does your epidermis.

By Steve hale