I’d love to pretend otherwise, but honesty compels me to admit that I’m a stresser. And an overthinker. It’s a fun combination which, like many, I grapple with on a daily basis; while juggling work, raising a family and all the other demands of a hectic lifestyle.

So when someone first touted the benefits of a float pod for ‘relaxation and therapeutic values’ I may have popped an eye roll. In my defense, I was on a fairly intense work deadline at the time.

Fast forward a few months and after hearing more people talk about their float pod experiences, my interest was piqued. So I did what all busy people do and Google researched it (rather than actually try it out for myself).

Turns out there’s more to it than just floating in a pool of water. The benefits of floating are extensive – and floating is rapidly gaining in popularity around the world. As well as relieving stress and being used for pain management, it is said to also promote mindfulness, help with muscle recovery and decrease blood pressure.


After deciding to check out the hype for myself, I visited Serenity Float Clinic in Hamilton East. I’m not the ideal test-rabbit for new ventures, as my personality type brings a touch of scepticism regarding everything I read online.

In this case however I was completely and utterly won over, and am now a bonafide floating fan.

Serenity Clinic is aptly named. It exudes relaxation from the moment you walk in, and owners Charl and Jodi Eksteen are walking advertisements for the health and wellbeing benefits of their business.

They’re passionate about floating – and now that I’ve experienced their lavish float room, as well as the tranquility pod, I can see why. The entire experience is what I imagine floating in space would be like; weightless, with no sounds or distractions intruding.

Thanks to some pre-float tips from Charl, I was armed with a few simple relaxation techniques, and for the first time in perhaps forever, my tightly-wound brain actually turned off. Silence. Serenity indeed.

It was a true and much needed escape from the busy world, where I just breathed and floated, in utter relaxation. I even dozed off. I can’t remember the last time I was calm and relaxed enough to hear my own heartbeat.

Afterwards I felt relaxed and invigorated, and the benefits continued with uninterrupted nights of sleep following on. With few opportunities to step off the treadmill of a busy lifestyle these days – floating is an absolute winner for me. In the words of that infamous movie line – ‘I’ll be back’.


Serenity Float Clinic is a purpose designed hub for floating and massage therapy; offering three private float rooms which are soundproof and installed with carefully controlled air, temperature and lighting to maximise the experience.

There are also options for light colour therapy and music therapy, as well as the opportunity to be in a complete exteroceptive sensory deprivation environment.

Choose from the floataround room (the largest float tank which couples or individuals can spaciously float in), cabin room (suitable for couples floating) or the tranquility pod. And when you’ve completed your serene float, relax and gather your thoughts in the post float lounge where you can enjoy your post-float-glow in silence, or with others. Find out more at float.clinic