A few of our favourite things


Living water

Bottled water has become a hot commodity – but all water is not created equal. Treat your body to 100% natural alkaline water, with the WaiLife range of premium New Zealand  artesian water (including a saffron infused and rose infused version).


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True Love

It’s true love all around with this stunning collection of Temple Of The Sun Jewellery. The collaborative result of creative couple Yonna Derofe and Darren Gallant, the range boasts a rich cultural influence and is stylishly sleek.





Best Brew

Swap your morning coffee for this epic brew of goodies, including Arabica coffee, Harakeke flax and Kawakawa. Evolu Invigorating Body Scrub is the ultimate indulgence for your skin, helping  smooth and refine for a healthy glow.





Bike on water

The Manta5 hydrofoiler is Kiwi innovation at its best; making reality of the desire to ‘bike on water’. Years of research and the determination of Torpedo 7 founder Guy Howard-Willis has brought the concept to life. The result is the world’s most advanced hydrofoil e-bike with a 460 watt motor allowing 60 minutes of adventure time.




Skin quencher

Quench your skin’s thirst with this lush Organic Nation body moisturiser. Infused with certified organic aloe leaf juice and Australian indigenous ‘superberries’; smooth over the entire body daily for silky smooth skin and enjoy the undertones of vanilla and peppermint essential oils.





Helping hands

Nourish and protect against the winter elements, with a helping hand from Nivea’s new 3-in-1 Anti-Age Care and Repair Care hand creams. Fast-absorbing and ultra-hydrating, it’s packed with goodies like Q10 and Vitamin C. Nivea deserves a round of applause for this offering.

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