Whether typing work e-mails, cooking meals, or lifting weights at the gym, we are constantly using our hands; and with extended use comes extended wear and tear; including dryness, sun pigmentation, and day-to-day skin damage.

Winter adds another layer of wear and tear, as our hands lack hydration and are subject to constant temperature changes. Yet, despite putting in the hard yards, our hands are one of the areas we tend to neglect in our skincare routines.

Taking care of your hands has never been easier. So a round of applause please for the launch of the Nivea 3-in1 Anti-Age Care and 3-in-1 Repair Care Hand Creams, designed for men and women looking for protective hand care with minimum effort and maximum results.

Created exclusively for Australia and New Zealand, the relaunched range is fast absorbing, provides SPF15 protection from UV, UVA and UVB filters and hydrates your skin, leaving you with smoother, softer hands.

Enter to win one of three Nivea 3-in1 Anti-Age Care and 3-in-1 Repair Care Hand Cream prize packs and treat your hands to the love they deserve.

To enter, fill in the contact form below. Entries close June 30 2019.

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