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WaiLife is a fresh range of premium New Zealand structured alkaline artesian water. 100% natural, WaiLife is lab tested with an alkalinity of between pH9.6 and pH10. The product’s incredibly high alkalinity is due to it filtering through rock beds deep beneath New Zealand’s mineral rich land.

As living water, it interacts with everything in its immediate environment, so unlike other bottled waters, WaiLife’s fully recyclable BPA-free plastic bottle has to be protected by a cardboard cylinder to prevent the sun’s UV rays from altering its chemical structure.

The range also includes saffron infused, lime infused, pomegranate infused and rose infused options (using only organic ingredients with no artificial processes or preservatives). It’s all made right here in New Zealand for pure natural hydration goodness.

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Enter to win one of three prize packs of WaiLife water.
Drinking high alkaline (pH9.6) WaiLife water daily is an easy and enjoyable way to add alkalinity to your daily food and drink intake.

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