Overcoming Overwhelm - Dr LibbyIf you’ve ever found yourself at the end of your tether – overextended, exhausted, or feeling like you might just snap – then you know overwhelm.

Perhaps you suffer silently from anxious feelings, low moods or frequently find yourself up to the eyeballs in stress.

Or maybe you struggle with health complaints and, despite leading a healthy lifestyle, you feel like you’re always just trying to get well. But as much as you try to slow down, reduce your burden or exercise your ‘no’ muscle, the stress just seems to keep piling on.

Internationally acclaimed nutritional biochemist, author and speaker Dr Libby Weaver is touring New Zealand sharing a brand-new perspective on overwhelm and stress.

“Stress and overwhelm are often the root cause for so many health challenges and it doesn’t need to be this way,” says Dr Libby.

“It is possible to solve your stress once and for all. To move from constantly feeling overwhelmed, to living a full and thriving life, without it costing your mental, emotional and physical health in the process.”

You know in your heart if you’re overwhelmed.

It shows up in your eyes as they fill with tears when yet another thing gets added to your list, it appears in the disagreements you have with those you care about, but mostly it’s that relentless feeling inside of you that there must be a better way to live your life.

Throughout her nationwide tour, Dr Libby will help educate around the cause of overwhelm—and you might be surprised to know it has little to do with the number of items on your to-do list.

Who knows, it might just shatter your perception of stress once and for all.

The full tour schedule and online bookings can be found at nz.drlibby.com.

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